About us

ProximaSoft is a full-service, flexible software company with competitive advantages. It specialises in enterprise software applications and custom software development through digital transformation tailored to business needs.
Since its creation in 2000, Proximasoft, has developed innovative software applications aimed at the efficient and healthy management of businesses, whatever their size.
From immersive story-telling to ground-breaking software development, we do it all — and we do it hand in hand with our clients and partners. We understand that the best results come from collaboration. We look forward to working closely in long-term partnerships with our trusted business partners in networking and infrastructure or with the in-house IT team, to achieve the best results.

We know our tech

Proximasoft has more than 15 years of experience in software development and IT-related fields. Over the years, our team members have acquired invaluable experience and knowledge to understand complex business needs and processes.

Our skilled business analysts work to understand and carry out in-depth project analysis of your goals, to provide you with cost-effective software development solutions. From the understanding of your requirements and goals, our solution specialists design your solution, identify system components, build data model and network design.

Since quality is of prime importance to us, we follow today’s best industry practices and standards in testing and code review to improve software security and reliability. We lay emphasis on solution performance, usability, error-handling and scalability.

With the right technical expertise, our committed support department keeps you on the cutting edge of business by providing long-term client services in technical support, product maintenance and enhancement with regular updates to keep up with business growth and technologies.


Our team consists of