Feb 2017

Development Project – Started with waterfall model and moved to Scrum methodology

One of our tailor made software projects went live earlier in 2017, after about a year of development. The project was for a major retail distribution company with various partners. We developed a solution for management to track the sales of mobile salesman. The software was devised from scratch, with the adaption of scrum methodology for the development of the solution. When the project was started, scrum wasn’t in place in ProximaSoft, but along the line, the methodology was adapted to fit the project.

This brought many positive changes. Before scrum, the view of the project wasn’t clear. Everyone, mostly, had their own understanding of the final product. The client, who also had his own dreams about the look and feel of the solution, was brought in the project in scrum meetings.  This constant interaction has been very fruitful, resulting in a more convivial solution suited to the client, using the best practices of developing the solution. We have been able to decrease bugs and faults in the system, as all code is being tested as and when they are released, avoiding delays for feedbacks and correction. The frustration level in the team, has since been improved, with them trusting the solution they are delivering and also being pleased, with client’s positive feedbacks and encouragements.