Jan 2017

How has Agile (SCRUM) changed our professional lives?

Right after the staff cross departments received training on Scrum, we started adapting the methodology slowly in our daily tasks. Today we must say we have eased into it, very well. We started getting fast visible results.

Starting the day in front of their Scrum Board, Scrum teams are continuously tweaking each other to work together, ensuring that each sprint procedure is working well for our team members. Nothing is rigid and we inspect and adapt as we go.  Even our customer service and marketing departments adapted this agile methodology in their routine.

We can say that today, all our projects which have seen the day with SCRUM, have been successfully delivered to our clients, with higher measured satisfaction. The solutions that resulted from this methodology, is better suited, as the client is involved at every step of the project.  We have seen the increased maturity achievement amongst our teams and the organisation as a whole. The level of trust amongst team members got higher.

Agile has brought structure in our work processes. It continuously brings added value and constantly makes sure that we are challenging ourselves to be more productive.

Once a month, all the scrum teams get to present their month update to the whole company. This is a great forum of sharing where we all get to learn about experiences of teams, setbacks and how they overcame them, and more importantly what they learned. This monthly update has been a great way to propagate and make sure to remind us on why we shouldn’t fall back in our old ways. The winning team also gets a reward of encouragement on the presentation.