Aug 2016

Introduction of SCRUM (Agile) Methodology at ProximaSoft

For over 17 years, ProximaSoft has been developing software using the traditional waterfall model.  In August 2016, we decided to introduce Agile (SCRUM) methodology in the company’s work processes, to bring in structure and quality in our methodology.

The agile manifesto says:

As opposed to the traditional development methodologies which are only designed to respond to the unpredictability of the external and development environments at the start of a project, the Scrum methodology, is designed to be quite flexible throughout. It provides control mechanisms for planning a product release and then managing variables as the project progresses. This Scrum advantage enabled us to change the project and deliverables at any point in time, delivering the most appropriate release.

The real benefit of Scrum that ProximaSoft experienced, is a whole culture change. Continuous inspection and adaptation, as well as total transparency, became a daily reality.

One more Scrum advantage is fast visible results. While the first Sprint is usually very challenging to the team, the benefits of Scrum tend to be visible by the end of it, leading many new Scrum teams to exclaim: “Scrum is hard, but it sure is a whole lot better than what we were doing before!”