The leader

Managing Director of ProximaSoft, software engineer and business analyst with a master degree in Computer Science. With 30+ years’ comprehensive experience in software solutions, services and related fields, and from his passion to improve business efficiency through software invention, Jean-Philippe D’Unienville founded the company in 2000 at a particularly critical time when the notion for adaptable and extremely versatile enterprise information management systems was in its prime.


Our software experts are professionals who share a common passion for software development to transform the world of information technology into digital processes. With between 3 and 30+ years of experience, their ambition is about building software to connect people and their jobs seamlessly to technology. Our development team consists of senior software engineers, system analysts and developers. Besides being software specialists, they are all trained in the use of the Agile development methodology.

Technical Department

With more than 20 years of combined field experience, our team of certified technicians and skilled engineers plan, operate and support an organisation’s IT infrastructure, enabling business users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely. Their fields of competence range from audit, disaster recovery plan and consultancy to managed services on client premises. The technical support team is always at your service during normal business hours, 24/7 for crisis incidents and on-site expert support during holidays.

Customer relations and support

Being customer-driven, our prime objective is to meet clients’ needs and requests in a timely manner. We, at customer relations and support, are fully focused on providing express, agile and proactive customer support and thus ensure that every single customer is 100% satisfied with our service. Our support tool is designed for maximum tracability and speed for your ongoing digital transformation journey. Our frontline support specialists listen to your needs and immediately log in your queries, which are instantly transmitted to the respective support team members. These requests are promptly addressed and fixed on the spot in most cases. For more complex ones, our product specialists connect remotely to your site, thus reducing response time. On-site visits are also organised and our emergency response is available during weekends and public holidays to ensure continuity of service for your business.