Software development

We are passionate about the digital transformation of your business

Software development is our core business strength and the pioneering motivation that has inspired the foundation of ProximaSoft.

By investing in software development with ProximaSoft, you are investing in the digital transformation of your business and the way you engage with your customer. We have robust, leading-edge knowledge and experience to provide you with innovative and expert solutions that will alter the way you do business and help you transcend the digital platform.

ProximaSoft’s software development services provide comprehensive agile and customised application development services that help you adapt to the fast-changing, highly-demanding, customer-centric world and ensure rapid time to market and improved quality. We create software systems that are crucial in enriching customer experience and providing sustainable competitive advantage.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to grasp and solve complex intractable problems. Security and scalability are among our top priorities.

Some of our successful custom software development projects

Our developers work primarily on AGL PCSoft (WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile), the No 1 development tool in France.