Solis software packages


ProximaSoft has ground-breaking experience working with various businesses in several sectors, namely tourism, finance, distribution, retail, production, automotive and other services. We have leveraged our decades of industry expertise and technology to develop a large number of software packages: accounting, payroll & HR, point of sale systems, restaurants, hospitality, stock broking, leasing, property management, spa and travel destination management. Our Solis packages are compelling and intelligent solutions that facilitate day-to-day processes to boost your business growth and outperform your competition. Each software package can be customized to match client needs.

Solis packages are 100% compliant with legal and operational frameworks as well as the best local market practices. These packages are fast to implement and easy to use – from basic operational to managerial levels – yet powerful to run your business.

To lend a helping hand to your project in the implementation process, our engineers collaborate closely with your in-house people and participate in the daily activities of your team.

We have also developed specific applications, which can be used as standalones or interfaced with other Solis software packages.