Solis Human Resources Management

The most important resource in any organization today is its human resources. Solis Human Resources Management gives you the flexibility of having full access to information about your employees: their educational and professional career path; progression within the company – strengths and weaknesses, follow-up of their objectives. It helps you to encourage and motivate them to contribute fully in the success of the company.

Solis Payroll

Salary calculation requires fast, accurate and reliable software easily configured to cover all types of payments and deductions, with built-in statistics and in compliance with local statutory regulations. Solis Payroll offers multiple advantages; it allows you to manage salary advances and loans, different types of leave; pay employees on multiple bank accounts; effect e-transfer payments and much more.

Solis Attendance is another undeniable time-saver that also provides peace of mind. Based on fingerprint scans to monitor employees' entries and exits, it integrates a module that automatically calculates meal, transport and overtime allowances across all work shifts.

The added benefit of Solis HRMS, a proven package in various industry specifics, is that it can be customised to include client’s additional functionalities.

Main functionalities:

Manage several companies, departments and sites
Manage advance on salary & loans, leaves, rosters and shifts
Integrate data from clocking machines such as Sage, Intermec
Automate overtime calculation, transport, lateness, meal allowance, attendance bonus
Pay employees on multiple bank accounts
E-transfer payments: PAYE, NPS, EWF… (MNS)
Automatically calculate end-of-year bonus, leave refund and government salary increase
Generate your own reports
Export data to Excel, Word or Acrobat, or email reports directly from the software.
Transfer payroll data to SOLIS Accounting
Analyse your data over months, years, by company with our OLAP tool