Solis POS Central


Solis POS Central is designed for retail businesses with specific needs. It has a well-detailed stock and inventory system allowing the easy creation and maintenance of stock inventories, while simplifying the ordering, receiving and labelling of stocks. Identify slower stock and get it moving while ensuring that best-sellers are always in stock.

Sales invoicing  Purchase and sales management
Stock management – Purchase of items from suppliers to final sales to customers
Job production / manufacturing – Assembly of product items from raw materials to finalised items to obtain the unit cost of finished products
Job – Follow-up of maintenance contract about job expenses of customers; invoicing, cost of sales, time sheets, etc. Statistic reports per job to calculate profit per job
Replenishment module  Threshold management level of items or group of items. Reordering alert when minimum is reached
CRM – Management of prospective customers until validation of contract
Warehouse management  Bin location management. Reservation of product inter-warehouse for customer

In addition to the above functionalities, POS Central has these advanced features:

Barcode support

Solis POS Central identifies and supports manufacturer barcodes. It can also generate and print customised barcodes.

Onsite intervention – go paperless

An onsite intervention module is available on tablet for use by salespersons for technical assistance and services. Digital acknowledgement by customer for intervention and instant sending of receipt by email.

Solis POS Central seamlessly integrates with Solis Accounting.