Solis POS Shop

Solis POS Shop is an all-encompassing software solution designed for the management of tills for walk-in customers in sales outlets. From reservation to ordering, sale of items and best-customer rewards, Solis POS Shop has it all. It is an easy-to-use system with a user-friendly interface; it allows quick and efficient sales transactions and printing of customer receipts within 30 seconds.

It manages cash & credit sales of products in different sizes or colours, seasonal items, product quantities in stock, re-order level thresholds, stock management and inventory control, among others.

The pricing system allows a standard retail price with discount options by customer and item. Products can be placed on sale between two given dates and have separate sets of sale and discount prices. Calculation of employee discount or special pricing to preferred customers is possible. It also allows simultaneous cash and credit card payments.


Daily till reports to evaluate and tally revenue and transactions
Sales analysis reports per market, customer, age and nationality

Loyalty Programs

Fidelity points assigned to regular clients with each purchase
Discount up to certain amounts / vouchers
Repeat customers are your best customers. Solis POS Shop supports loyalty programs, such as customer discount cards.

Solis POS shop seamlessly integrates with Solis Accounting.