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Solis Payroll Software is a simple, powerful integrated solution for small, medium up to large businesses and it offers fast and secure processing of salary calculation.

It covers all types of payments and deductions, with built-in statistics and in compliance with local statutory regulations. It helps manage the entire life cycle of payroll operations end-to-end and pay the right amounts on time. 



in multi-currency & split into multiple bank accounts

with user-defined formula


directly to manager for approval


Experience peace of mind knowing you have all the features required to pay your employees and taxes correctly and on time.

  • Unlimited payroll items with user-defined formula
  • Security for user to view only authorized employees (through department and category)
  • Salary in multiple currencies
  • Salary split into multiple bank accounts
  • Email pay slips (in PDF and password protected)
  • Email payroll report directly to manager for approval (in PDF and password protected)
  • E-transfers: bank, MRA, MNS, third party file (pension, medical…)
  • Bank transfer file (MCB, SBM, Barclays, HSBC, Afrasia…)
  • SFTP bank file transfer to MCB directly from Solis HRMS.
  • Variance between payrolls
  • Analyze your data with our
  • OLAP tool; by months, years, by company, department
  • Automatic or manual employee code
  • Unlimited employees
  • Employee approval
  • Probation (extension, Confirmation)
  • Attach documents, mails, scans
  • Mauritian NIC check
  • Salary split into multiple bank accounts
  • Email pay slips (in PDF and password protected)
  • Import employee details via excel file
  • Basic Salary per hour/ day/ month
  • View payroll history
  • User defined payroll periods
  • Process ad hoc payrolls (eg additional payroll for productivity bonus)
  • Input recurring transactions for predefined date range
  • Import payroll transactions from excel
  • Automatic annual leave refund
  • Automatic salary increase
  • Import EDF from excel (MRA)
  • Automatic end of year bonus calculation (1/12 earnings or last basic)
  • Process EOYB together with November payroll or as a separate payroll
  • EOYB Adjustment in December payroll
  • Can process loan, pension or specific payroll transactions in EOYB payroll
  • Unlimited leave type
  • Manage local & sick leave balance
  • Annual refund of local/ sick
  • Cumulate leave
  • Process leave taken
  • Import leave taken from excel
  • OLAP tool to analyze leave data
  • Manage advance on salary and loans
  • Deduct monthly instalment from payroll
  • Deduct from EOYB
  • Put repayment on hold
  • Cash repayment
  • Interest on loan as benefit (for PAYE calculation)
  • Loan report
  • Export data to Excel, Word or email reports directly from the software.
  • Statutory reports and transfer files (PAYE, CSG, PRGF, special allowance, GWAS, return of employee, statement of emoluments)
  • Unlimited specific user-defined payroll reports
  • Predefined reports
    Variance between payrolls
  • OLAP reports to analyze your data by months, years, by company, department, post, employee, payment, deduction, account, leave types etc.

Flexibility & Performance

are highly configurable and integrated. We provide full customisation to adapt the solution to your exact requirements.

to increase your business sustainability.
Our software solutions are highly configurable and integrated.

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