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Time Tracking Management

Solis Time Management Software allows you to be in control of your business and manage a high-performing team that smashes goals every time.

Solis Time Management Software helps you to record the time spent by each collaborator per day per job. It allows you to have a better control over your costs when executing jobs. It is also used to record and follow-up on customers’ queries.


7.4 kpi

per team, customer, revenue analysis


7.4 time tracking

customer project, contract and billing combination


It is a time tracking software that fits every working environment. This solution also allows the recording and answering of customer’ queries quickly and effectively. It allows to meet customer expectation which provides a better experience.

  • Customers & contacts
  • Software users
  • Support collaborators
  • Department & teams
  • Projects
  • Contracts
  • Intervention management
  • Severity and frequency
  • Billing categorisation and rates
  • Severity management
  • Queries management
  • Queries follow up
  • Queries records as tickets
  • Quality control survey
  • Local & sick leaves records
  • Customers contracts management
  • List of clients
  • List of projects
  • List of contracts
  • Queries logged per client
  • Billable hour per client
  • Billable hour per collaborator
  • Intervention report per client
  • Customer service team:
    • Number of issues logged
    • Average response time
    • Collaborators evaluation performance
    • Department evaluation performance
  • Customer satisfaction:
    • Quality control follow-up
  • Customer support KPI:
    • Support vs revenue
  • Full integration to Solis Contract Invoicing and Solis Job Management

Flexibility & Performance

are highly configurable and integrated. We provide full customisation to adapt the solution to your exact requirements.

to increase your business sustainability.
Our software solutions are highly configurable and integrated.

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