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Service Management

Solis Service Management Software enables managing the after-sales support that is the warranty service, maintenance, or repairs of products.

After sales service plays a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between the organization and customers as it typically leads to higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth-marketing.

Deliver excellent service and optimize your workforce efficiency with the market’s leading service management software.


7.3 warranty services

WARRANTY SERVICES include repairing, return/ replacement of selected parts for a selected period of time

on repairs or maintenance and allow measuring the after sales service efficiency.

7.3 updating srevices

about the nature of aftersales service, fees for repairs if any, and when goods are ready for delivery.


Our software allows the monitoring of issues encountered by customers and quickly passing feedbacks to the departments, thereby improving the product/service. After-sales support can also provide an opportunity for additional revenue, offering extra services, such as upgrades, add-on warranty or spare parts.

  • Product specifications
  • Timely warranty information
  • Customer details
  • Department and teams
  • Work status
  • Response time until closure
  • Reason for product not repaired
  • Work In Progress by department tracking
  • Diagnostic fee payment for product non-warranty
  • Activity report for daily/ weekly/ monthly tracking
  • Measure efficiency of work /KPI
  • Manage disruptions and /or returns
  • Collect service data to improve the product/service
  • Process data for internal business analysis
  • OLAP reports to analyze your data by months, years, by company, department, post, and employee
  • Customisable sales statistics reports and enquiries
  • ABC classification analysis
  • Reprint sign off – till session
  • OLAP reports to ease data analysis
  • Export to Excel
  • Full integration to Solis
  • Distribution and Retail modules
  • Full integration to Solis Job
  • Management modules
  • Integration with Solis Accounting

Flexibility & Performance

are highly configurable and integrated. We provide full customisation to adapt the solution to your exact requirements.

to increase your business sustainability.
Our software solutions are highly configurable and integrated.

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