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Spa Management

A smart and simple Spa Management Software to increase your customer experience and maximize your revenue.

Solis SPA Management Software is a powerful yet easy-to-use software solution for the management of beauty salons and spas. It allows you to book clients’ preferred therapists for listed services, cabins and equipment in advance. It manages cabin occupancy and equipment used by therapists. Customers’ previous services are recorded as well as their medical records.



Salon scheduling &
client booking

Client tracking


Interfaces easily with Solis POS Central for invoicing of treatments and sale of stocked items & products


Be in control with a software that manages every aspect of your spa business. Solis Spa is the first choice in reservation system for the most important spa centers. Easy to use, the customer reservation process becomes as relaxed as the spa treatment session.

  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Maintenance of care
  • Maintenance of sites / treatment rooms
  • Maintenance of therapists
  • Planning management.
  • Management of care bookings / subscription.
  • Management of resource availability.
  • Client management with care and therapist preference
  • History of care by client
  • Management cancellation / additional care
  • Room occupancy rate
  • Equipment use frequency/ rate
  • Therapists availability rate
  • OLAP reports to ease data analysis
  • Interfaces with Solis POS (invoicing)
  • Interfaces with Solis Accounting                                                                                            

Flexibility & Performance

are highly configurable and integrated. We provide full customisation to adapt the solution to your exact requirements.

to increase your business sustainability.
Our software solutions are highly configurable and integrated.

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